Asura's Wrath: "True Ending" to arrive as DLC

CyberConnect 2 is tempting fate, announcing that the “true” ending to Asura’s Wrath will be released next month – as premium DLC.

It’s not the first batch of new content for the game – “Episode 11.5” was launched this week, filling a gap between two of the game’s original episodes. Next week sees Episode 15.5 arriving, doing the same sort of thing. Both new episodes are available on both PS3 and Xbox 360, for the equivalent of 160MS Points.

[img_big]center,522,2011-10-31/AW_04_Asura_attacks_the_Ghoma_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,Asura’s Wrath[/img_big]

That’s all a bit standard – extra bits and pieces that don’t necessarily change the overarcing story – and the Street Fighter crossover DLC coming in May is also a tasty bonus (Ryu jumps in on May 9th, Akuma arrives May 16th).

However, what’s not standard, and potentially going to upset a few people, is the fact that Episodes 19 to 22 of the game didn’t come with the retail release. Instead, you’re expected to fork out a few more dollars (560MS Points or equivalent) to pick them up when they’re launched onto the console networks at the end of April.

The original version of Asura’s Wrath ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so CyberConnect 2 is banking on fans wanting to reach a satisfying conclusion, but perhaps the company should also brace itself for a little backlash – as Mass Effect 3 has proven, gamers aren’t fond of believing they’re being exploited.

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