Audiosurf Air revealed – coming to iOS?

Music gaming fans rejoice: Audiosurf is getting a sequel! Indie developer Dylan Fitterer has unveiled plans for Audiosurf Air, and it looks like the game’s moving beyond the original constraints of the desktop computer.

While it’s still early days, Fitterer has confirmed that he does have a build of the game running happiily in iOS – powered by Unity. It’s something we’ve been waiting for ever since Audiosurf launched back in 2008 – a game that will pull music directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and let you interact with it via the interactive puzzle / race / action gameplay that worked so well on the PC.

Any audio track is translated into a race track level – complete with coloured blocks to collect or dodge. Pick the right ones, build huge combos, and reach massive scores.

[img_three]9155,2012-03-27/AudiosurfAir_Screenshot2_512.png,2012-03-27/AudiosurfAir_Screenshot1_512.png,2012-03-27/AudiosurfAir_Screenshot3_512.png,Click to embiggen[/img_three]

Audiosurf Air is currently only being shown off in some non-final, low-res screenshots, but – excitingly – Fitterer is accepting beta sign-ups, and promises you’ll be able to “Ride your music” in 2012, on whatever platform Fitterer decides is appropriate.

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