Buy your next graphics card with EVE game cash

For years now, EVE Online players have been able to “play to pay to play” – earning in-game credits which are then used to extend the subscription to the game, rather than simply handing over real-world cash.

Now though, developer CCP Games has taken things one step further, allowing for real-world purchases using in-game cash, starting off with a high-end GeForce 560GTX graphics card from Nvidia.

EVE Online

EVE Online - play to pay to play

If you don’t want to have to earn all your PLEX the hard way, you can buy it using in-game currency ISK – or, of course, by using real-world money. But where’s the fun in that, when you’re trying to acquire something for “nothing”? (Also, fair warning: CCP reports the in-game price of PLEX has jumped “significantly” since the Nvidia deal was announced.)

The card itself is approximately $200 at retail, and CCP has announced a very limited number – just 100 – are available to gamers at this stage. If this trial works, who knows where it’ll take us.

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