Spy vs Spy developers hint at iOS reboot

This mysterious image looks like – perhaps – a well-loved franchise of some sort is returning, perhaps from a “long time away”. We’re guessing it’s more than just a simple black and white issue.

Is it ticking? It may be ticking...

Is it ticking? It may be ticking...

Here’s a history lesson for you. Back in 1984 (the actual year, not the book), First Star Software released a game for the Commodore 64, based on a MAD Magazine comic strip. Spy vs. Spy was a somewhat insane two-player game full of intrigue, sabotage and overly-complex traps, which saw Black and White running around an embassy, stealing confidential documents and other fun stuff. (It also spawned two sequels, taking Black and White first to a tropical island and later, the frozen tundra of the Arctic.)

Looking at the above image, we don’t think it’s too great a leap of faith to assume we’re all on the same page: The purple room is a gloriously-redrawn version of the original Spy vs. Spy (even at their peak, C64 graphics weren’t so great), and the First Star logo and copyright information kinda gives it away.

Other details we can deduce: Warner Bros. is publishing, while iOS developer Robots & Pencils takes on the creative duties. This all suggests a bit of a touchscreen adaptation of one of the best comic book tie-in games of all time, hopefully with a few modern-day tricks and tweaks up its collective sleeves.

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