Minecraft hits Xbox 360 as part of Arcade Next

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has finally been given a date for its grand debut – and you’ll have to wait until early May to get your hands on it. The blocky world-builder is the fourth and final title in Microsoft‘s upcoming Arcade NEXT promotion, which kicks off on April 18th, celebrating the diversity of the console’s downloadable offerings.

Trials Evolution is the “next dimension” for Trials HD which takes the customisable bike-racer into the great outdoors, throws in some curvy driving lines and features an impressive in-game track editor. Multiplayer is definitely worth checking out when this one lands on April 18th.

April 25th brings our first opportunity to play Bloodforge, which we’ve looked at previously. If you’ve been after an opportunity to slaughter a whole bunch of demonic soldiers just by tapping a few buttons, here it is. Rage Kills, Rune attacks and Weapon Combos are at your fingertips in a game described as a “dark, visceral story of revenge, betrayal, and destiny”. Maybe not one for the whole family.

In comparison, just a week later we see the latest from a well-loved franchise, as Fable Heroes arrives on May 2nd. With a brand new perspective, art direction and gameplay style, this one will get the kids involved in a bit of four-player co-op competition (either locally or via Xbox LIVE). Play early, play often: All the gold you collect in Fable Heroes will be transferred to your coffers in Fable: The Journey when it launches, giving you a simple head start.

…and finally, blocky world-builder Minecraft arrives on Xbox 360 on May 9th. Rather than a simple port, the Xbox 360 edition features an all new crafting interface, a full tutorial mode and – wait for it – split-screen multiplayer as well as standard Xbox LIVE networked action.

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