Wasteland 2 developer suggests Kick It Forward

Now that we’ve determined Kickstarter can be a pretty useful place for struggling developers to get project funding (we’re looking at you, Double Fine Adventure), it’s nice to see people giving back to the project.

inXile Entertainment decided to use the crowdfunding website to raise the cash for its latest project – a direct sequel to the grandaddy of all post-apocalyptic RPG games, Wasteland. The team asked for a humble $900,000 to get the project off the ground, but – just like Double Fine before them, it seems the developers underestimated the amount of public support.

Wasteland 2 was fully funded earlier this week, and now sits at $500,000 over budget with 26 days to go. The money will go towards developing the game for PC, Mac and Linux, but creator Brian Fargo has announced that at least some of the game’s future profits will be fed back into the system that helped him out when he needed it.

It occurs to me that we can harness the power of Kickstarter in a more meaningful way.

Fan funding is bigger than me or Wasteland 2 as I have remarked before. The development community has come together to support us in ways that I didn’t think possible and our power as developers will ultimately come from us sticking together. Both gamers and developers have so much more strength than they realise.

In his latest Kickstarter update, Fargo suggests going one step further, with all crowd-funded projects possibly giving 5% into other crowd-funded projects. He calls this plan “Kick It Forward”, and is quick to point out that he’s not suggesting using pledge money for these purposes.

I mean once a game has shipped and created profit that we funnel that back into the community of developers to fund their dreams.

He’s also proposed getting the inXile art team to create a badge for all Kickstarter projects that support the initiative, just to shake things up a bit.

You can still pledge to Wasteland 2, but that’s not the only game worth funding on Kickstarter! For some more ideas, take a look at our quick round-up!

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