SPY Mouse sneaks onto Nook

eBook readers are no longer devices for simply reading eBooks. Clever developer types have figured out ways of putting games onto even these tablets, ranging from home-made interactive fiction and Zork for the Kindle, right up to new versions of Angry Birds and indie darling World of Goo.

Today, readers who own a Nook can add another new title to their gaming library, with Firemint announcing SPY Mouse has made it to Barnes & Noble’s proprietary tablet.

While Firemint community manager Sam Mayo explains the team is “extremely happy” to have the game available to an all-new audience, he admits that the port was a decision made by parent company EA Mobile, and the Australian developer didn’t have any say in the final product.

Still, SPY Mouse is SPY Mouse, and if you’re looking for something to fill the time between reading those bestsellers, $1.99 is a worthy investment.

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