Quantic Dream goes behind-the-scenes with Kara

At this year’s GDC, everybody fell in love with a girl named Kara. Of course, Kara isn’t quite a girl, she’s a robot – and more than that, she’s one of the most stunning tech demos we’ve seen in a long time.

Kara comes from Quantic Dream, the French company behind Heavy Rain. She is, potentially, a taste of what might be in the works from the studio – even though nothing has been revealed just yet.

…happily for us though, what has been revealed – as well as Kara’s winning performance earlier this month – is a new video showing just how she got to where she is. The behind-the-scenes clip shows the processes involved – including auditioning actresses, filming Valorie Curry in full-body motion-capture gear, and finding different performers to add authenticity to the foreign language portions.

The video illustrates a new proprietary engine from Quantic Dream, created to effectively “clone” living actors, cope with significant amounts of motion-capture detail, and – above all – save money without compromising quality.

Glimpses behind-the-scenes are always fascinating. Most revealing in this one is the fact that Kara – the video which looked so fresh, new and exciting when we saw it a few weeks ago – is in fact more than a year old. Quantic Dream has kept working on the game engine for the twelve months since, and claim the technology is growing in leaps and bounds.

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