I Am Alive sets sights on April PS3 release

Enjoying a bit of I Am Alive on your Xbox 360? Enjoy lording it over those pesky PS3 fans while you can – but we’ve just received word that the post-apocalyptic action/adventure will be arriving on Sony’s home console starting April 4th.

After years of development, I Am Alive has finally emerged, an “everyman’s journey” to find his wife and daughter, after the mysterious “Event”. His hometown is a mess – destroyed buildings, streets full of toxic ash and society crumbling like the walls.

The environment is as much an enemy as your fellow humans, and stamina and resource management are key. You’ll be exposed to poisons and forced to clamber to the top of buildings in a search for necessary supplies. At least you’re armed – and even if you haven’t got any ammo, the unique combat system includes an intimidation tactic, so waving an empty gun will prompt cowards to run away.

I Am Alive has been getting mixed reviews across the board, but don’t let that stop you from dipping your toe in. Just be careful of any water where you can’t see the bottom.

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