Dark Souls teases big announcement on Facebook

How much do you like Dark Souls? It seems the folks over at Namco Bandai want to know some actual figures: The more you like it (actually, the more your friends like it – quantity over quality), the sooner you’ll be able to see a Big Announcement.

This is all happening over at the game’s official Facebook page, and all you have to do is click the “Like” button (and tell your friends!).

[img_big]center,7457,2011-08-17/p.jpg,Dark Souls[/img_big]

While Namco Bandai could have virtually anything tucked away behind the stone wall, there are two possibilities that seem fairly likely.

It could be the oft-rumoured DLC pack for the game, “Dark Forest”. Developer From Software registered a trademark for that name earlier this year, and later suggested that “some form of expanded content” was in the works. However, that does go directly against creator Hidetaka Miyazaki’s earlier statements that he had designed the game as a “complete package”, and had not planned any DLC for Dark Souls.

…alternatively, and less controversially, this could be the PC version of the game, a revelation which would make keyboard fans very happy indeed.

Either way, you’re invited to check back each day to check on progress – we don’t know how many Likes Namco Bandai is hoping for, or what sort of timeframe it’s working with, but something’s bound to happen soon. Failing that, a major press event is scheduled for next month, so more details on what’s happening to Dark Souls will happen at that time.

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