Hard Reset Extended Edition free for Steam fans

If you’ve supported Polish developer Flying Wild Hog by snapping up a copy of Hard Reset via Steam, the company would like to reward you with a free upgrade.

Just like scoring a larger size of french fries, the developer slipped a happy secret message into a mysterious binary code image:

To show our respect for all the PC gamers who picked up Hard Reset, we decided that the upcoming expansion will be FREE for all those who already own Hard Reset on Steam.

The first gamer to crack the code was presented with a Steam voucher. To receive your expansion, simply wait until “sometime between the last week of April and the first week of May” to get your hands on the new Extended Edition. It comes complete with upgraded graphics, two new survival mode levels, five new campaign levels, four new enemies and one new boss.

Can’t wait? Didn’t pick up the original game on Steam? Don’t stress – the Extended Edition of Hard Reset hit North American retail last week.

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