Mass Effect books bring big bonuses

Are you sick of Mass Effect 3 yet? No? Good – there’s still plenty of stuff to explore, even if you’ve finished the game. If you’re into bonus content, behind-the-scenes details and pretty pictures, we’ve got a couple of treats for you.

A glimpse of Mass Effect Team Assault

A glimpse of Mass Effect Team Assault

Firstly – The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 is available right now for iPad (coming soon for PC, Kindle and Audiobooks). That in itself is pretty impressive, but even moreso, tucked away inside the virtual pages is a gem of information about Mass Effect Team Assault.

Never heard of it? That’s because it was cancelled before seeing the light of day, back in 2010. The FPS, set in the Mass Effect universe was designed as a standalone title, perhaps as a downloadable game.

…instead, the bits and pieces of the game that had been developed over four months were sucked up into the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3, and the powers that be at BioWare spent time working on Galaxy at War instead.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

Secondly, The Art of Mass Effect Universe is available now through Dark Horse – the 180p glossy book is impressive enough as it is, packed with concept art, commentary, details on characters, locations, vehicles and weapons, but that’s not enough.

To bulk it out even further, BioWare has added a little something to this “definitive companion” for the games: A code to download the Reinforcement DLC Pack for co-op play on either PC or Xbox 360.

The pack contains a “random assortment” of weapons and weapon upgrades, plus character unlocks, and boosts for both health and damage.

If you prefer, the pack is also available if you pick up the four-issue mini-series Mass Effect: Invasion, also from Dark Horse.

Whichever you choose, the content is only available with the digital versions of the books – if you’re still a fan of dead tree media, you’re gonna miss out.

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