Zombie Jombie brings GREE to iOS, free!

While GREE is, as they say, big in Japan, the company is yet to make much of a mark in the West. All that’s about to change though, with a new studio’s set up in San Francisco, and a new game available right now, for iOS.

The free game – Zombie Jombie – is a zombie game with a twist. First, it’s card-based, and second, the dead guys are the good guys. Use your cards to guide your own undead army, conducting missions and dispatching those pesky humans.

You play as a Jombie, a unique, powerful being who has the impressive ability of being able to raise and control zombies. To enjoy the full extent of your powers, you’ll need to build and customise your own distinctive deck of cards, by trading with friends, picking some up out of treasure chests, and even “fusing” multiple cards together to boost their powers.

Each deck is unique, so each game is too – and each person will have a different experience.

Eiji Araki, SVP of Social Games at GREE International, Inc explains:

Zombie Jombie invites gamers into a new and darker world where zombies are the good guys and it is humans you have to watch out for. The truly talented team members of the North American studio have really focused on creating an innovative game experience that ties together strong gameplay and great social features, an approach we plan to implement for all of our games moving forward.

Zombie Jombie is just the first step for GREE in North America – the company is building a new social mobile games platform to launch a little later this year – and remember, that’s what will play host to a new Assassin’s Creed.

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