What Would Molydeux game jam, March 30th

What would Molydeux?

Well, what?

This is not a typo: Peter Molydeux is a popular, parody Twitter account which pokes gentle fun at games industry veteran and Fable creator Peter Molyneux. While Molyneux himself is famous for his sometimes off-the-wall ideas, Molydeux takes that to extremes, posting bizarre, hilarious game concepts into the ether. Many of his ideas are impractical at best, impossible at worst, but some have inspired budding game designers – to the point where a game jam has been set up in honour of the pretend designer.

Now titled What would Molydeux, the game jam is set for March 30-April 1 in a number of locations around the world (including Brighton, San Francisco and even Melbourne), and developers are given 48 hours to explore the twisted mind of Molydeux.

For inspiration, here is Molydeux’s latest trailer – an early concept video for a game he calls Pin Drop.

The jam has its own website: What Would Molydeux, and a handy sign-up list.

…Peter Molydeux has already handed in his apologies for the event, but – in a particularly complex twist – Peter Molyneux will be taking time out from his busy schedule to keep an eye on everything that’s going on.

Organisers behind the event include Anna Kipnis from Double Fine, Brandon Sheffield, Chris Remo, Patrick Klepek, Joe Kowalski, Edward Parris and Jake Rodkin – and the whole thing has Peter Molydeux’s blessing and support.

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