Poor proofreading comes to Silent Hill

Following a recent plague of typos, everybody has been paying just a little more attention to box art and trailers, anxiously waiting for the next person to slip up. Now it seems the proof-reader from Capcom has jumped ship and is working for Konami, with Silent Hill: Downpour the latest victim.

Silent Hill Downpour

Silent Hill Downpour

This image is from the European version of the latest survival horror release, which launched this week. The English is fine, but the Spanish leaves a little to be desired.

The text should read as a simple translation of the English sub-header, “Who can stop the rain?”. Konami checked the dictionary and sent the game off to the publishers with the text “┬┐Quien puede parar la luvia?

Unfortunately for the publisher, the power of one letter can change the entire meaning of the sentence in which it is used. While “lluvia” with two Ls means “rain”, “Luvia” with one technically doesn’t mean anything, although it is the name of a Finnish municipality. Who can stop the population of 3,359? Only Konami knows for sure – and the company was not available for comment.

Well-spotted, Kotaku!

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