$3,335,355 pledged to Double Fine's Kickstarter

It’s official: Double Fine‘s Kickstarter Adventure project is complete – and the team has received more than enough pledges to make sure this game is actually happening.

The project initially set a humble $400,000 goal back on February 8th – a goal that was reached within less than 24 hours of its announcement. In the six weeks since, pledges have kept pouring in, and by the time the doors officially closed, Double Fine had received $3,445,355 in total.

Double Fine Adventure

Coming soon!

$110,000 of that was donated directly through a “Premium” system, which means that $3.3 million dollars was raised completely by gamers and game enthusiasts who want to see Tim Schafer and his team create a good, old-fashioned point-and-click adventure game with the distinct Double Fine flavour. Videographers 2 Person Productions will also be on board, documenting the whole procedure, and those who handed over money will be invited to share in the development process.

The studio is a little bit gobsmacked by the support shown by fans:

Holy cow people, I can’t even believe it. I don’t know what to say. Except THANK YOU!! People are mailing in congratulations to us, but I really have to say congratulations to all the backers because you really sent a message around the industry! And you really made your voices heard loud and clear!

The next step involves waiting for the Kickstarter/Amazon process to complete (which should take another week or so), and after that, Double Fine will start sending out surveys, organising backer forums and, y’know, designing the actual game. Can’t come soon enough.

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