Flight Control Rocket takes iOS gaming into space

Australian developer Firemint has jumped onto the coattails of the new iPad announcement with some big news of its own: Flight Control is headed to outer space.

Flight Control Rocket is due out later this year, from the creators of Real Racing and SPY Mouse, and is a fully-fledged sequel to the game which catapulted the then-indie studio to the highest heights.

Things are the same – but different – in Flight Control Rocket: Obviously, you’ve transcended to Outer Space, where a whole galaxy of addiction awaits. The genre-defining touch screen controls are back, but rather than landing planes and other aircraft onto an assortment of runways and airstrips, your task is a little grander in scale. Guide spaceships onto their respective docks – all abord a giant mothership. Just like in the earlier game, it’s a matter of matching up the colours and drawing a path… faster and faster.

You’re not alone – a cast of quirky robots are on hand to help boost your score, and never fear, the retro-futuristic music and animations make a welcome return, this time with a sci-fi twist.

Nice to see some things never change – even since being acquired by EA Mobile, Firemint isn’t a company known for dilly-dallying. Flight Control Rocket is due out this month for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, with the company promising the sort of polished experience we’ve come to love and expect.

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