World of Warcraft not quite prepared for old fans

Following the announcement of the new Scroll of Resurrection for World of Warcraft, Blizzard has confirmed that its authentication servers have gone into “meltdown”, with too many fans trying to jump online at once.

Gamers first started noticing server connection issues just after 1am Eastern (10pm Pacific, 6am GMT, 5pm Sydney), with community manager Bashiok posting to Twitter that the development team is “working on it”.

World of Warcraft - Spectral Wind Rider mount

World of Warcraft - Spectral Wind Rider mount

We’d been told earlier today that the new system was “in cooldown“, but it’s live now, and infused with poewrful glyphs to make it more potent than ever.

Blizzard also confirmed the images of the two new mounts available as part of the promotion – the Alliance Spectral Gryphon and the Specral Wind Rider for the Horde. To receive either of these new mounts, you must first send a friend a Scroll of Resurrection. They then must accept, and pay for at least 30 days of game time.

They don’t come out empty handed, either: One of their characters is immediately granted Level 80 status, so they can play with your higher-level characters. Their game will be bumped up to Cataclysm, to check out all the new stuff, alongside seven free days of game time and an optional free character move if you’re not both in the same realm or faction.

World of Warcraft - Spectral Gryphon

World of Warcraft - Spectral Gryphon mount

With the newly-revamped Scroll of Resurrection, there has never been a better time to bring a friend back to World of Warcraft, but hurry, because this offer will not be available forever.

…at this stage, it looks like the offer’s over before it really began, but we’re sure Blizzard will fix this one up quicksmart – keep trying!

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