Medal of Honor Warfighter detailed, dated

Now that EA has finally revealed Medal of Honor Warfighter, the company’s not wasting time in making sure we know plenty of details about the shooter.

Warfighter promises a multiplayer mode packed with elite soldiers from 12 nations – including the Polish GROM, German KSK, British SAS and even the Australian SASR. They’ll face off in some head-to-head multiplayer, and if twelve just isn’t enough for you, you can bump that up to lucky 13 just by pre-ordering the game. Putting your name down early will secure you an extra operator: The US Navy Seal Tier 1 Sniper.

The single-player mode has been penned by real US Tier 1 Operators (hopefully after some thorough fact-checking)), and includes the return of Preacher, whose home life is suffering due to his frequent deployment.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is due out in late October 2012, and is in development at EA‘s Danger Close studios.

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