I Am Alive Companion App launches for iOS

Perhaps it’s only fair that a game titled I Am Alive should be forced through a development process which included several rumoured cancellations, months of radio silence, and finally a bump from fully featured AAA title to downloadable release.

But, after all that, it’s finally arrived on our virtual doorsteps – bringing with it not only a new launch trailer, but also a tie-in companion app for your iDevice.

The app, I Am Alive Companion, features a survival guide to the game, plus hints, screens, videos, an original soundtrack, and a “photo mode” which lets you create I Am Alive-themed photos to share with your friends.

The full list of features includes:

  • Street map of the main game area with exclusive hints from the developers
  • List of all resources from the game detailing the level of rarity and effects on health, stamina and stamina capacity
  • List of all Achievements and Trophies with check/uncheck tracking feature
  • 5 videos including a trailer, a making and the 3 “survivor tapes”
  • Over 50 production concept arts, promotional artworks and screenshots
  • Never release before O.S.T., including 6 tracks exclusively composed for the app
  • Photo mode that let you create your own I Am Alive-themed photos and post them to facebook or email them to friends

I Am Alive hits Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this week, I Am Alive Companion is out in the App Store right now – did we mention it’s free?

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