Solitaire Blitz makes social card games pop

Just when you thought solitaire was a relaxing, somewhat “solitary” activity, here comes PopCap to make it into something much more sociable. Solitaire Blitz has officially launched on Facebook, following a gradual beta roll-out.

Just like PopCap‘s other Blitz titles, you’ll be competing with yourself – and your friends – in Solitaire Blitz, in a fast-paced treasure hunt. Collect treasures, earn silver, then trade your coins for boosts and power-ups. Match the cards quickly – you’ve only got 60 seconds to win ’em all.

Scott Willoughby, marketing manager for PopCap Games explains:

We’ve taken the world’s most well-known card game and created an exciting new social version using PopCap’s incredibly popular time-based Blitz mechanic made famous by Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz.

We’ve evolved a traditionally solitary pastime into a friendly, shared experience that’s fun for all ages.

Rather than making this a simple affair, PopCap has drawn inspiration from early 20th century art and literature – and created a rather impressive orchestral score to go with it.

The game’s only available on Facebook right now, but given recent statements from PopCap pointing out how much more successful iOS versions of games are compared to Facebook releases (2x “every single important metric,” says franchise manager Giordano Bruno Contestabile), it seems unlikely that Solitaire Blitz will stay exclusive to your browser for too long.

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