Fable: The Journey gets screens, release date

…and while we’re in a Fable mood, we’ve scrounged up some new screenshots from Fable: The Journey, again thanks to Microsoft, who added them earlier today to Xbox.com.

[img_big]center,8047,2012-03-04/FableTheJourney-screenlg2.jpg,Fable: The Journey[/img_big]

This is a game we knew was coming – Fable: The Journey was first revealed back at E3 2011, in a demonstration Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has described as “a horrendous mistake”.

The demo, shown as part of the Microsoft event, appeared to show the game as an on-rails first-person affair, with some awkward horse-and-cart Kinect controls, and a general feeling of “meh”.

Molyneux explained back in the day:

The reason it was on rails was because I told the team to take out navigation, because on stage I thought, right, I need to show off magic, how cool magic is.

If Dimitri doing the demo had had to navigate from one position to another, one, it would have extended the demo to four minutes from two minutes, and two, it would be slightly confusing.

…instead of being “slightly confusing”, the developer made a game that quickly became the talk of the convention, for all the wrong reasons.

[img_three]8047,2012-03-04/FableTheJourney-screenlg3.jpg,2012-03-04/FableTheJourney-screenlg5.jpg,2012-03-04/FableTheJourney-screenlg4.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

Now, with the assertion that “Fable: The Journey is definitely not on rails,” Molyneux is back, with a peace offering of a September 4th 2012 release date. As always, more details as we hear them – this should be another GDC special.

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