Hatsune Miku flicks her way to Japanese iPhones

Hatsune Miku is coming to iOS, in an all-new rhythm game designed for the platform. Miku Flick will arrive on the Japanese App Store starting March 9th, based heavily around the singing synthesiser.

Miku Flick

So dreamy...

Instead of sticking with the typical “tap” rhythm game mechanic, Miku Flick has incorporated karaoke elements – gamers must flick their fingers across Japanese characters which spell out the words that Miku is singing.

There are two levels of difficulty – but what will make the game more difficult for the non-Japanese vocaloid fan is the lack of any hint of localisation. Locals just have to cope with the price tag – Sega are asking for 1,200 yen ($15) for Miku Flick, but you will need at least a passing understanding of Japanese to get through it.

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