Report: EA is reticulating splines for SimCity 5

According to unconfirmed reports, SimCity 5 may well be in development at EA, with an official announcement expected during next week’s GDC.

Maxis executive Lucy Bradshaw let the cat out of the bag, in conversation with German magazine GameStar. She explained that the game has been a long time coming – being developed around both The Sims and Spore. Now though, the game is allegedly targeting a 2013 release, running on an all-new graphics engine known as GlassBox.

Alleged Sim City 5 artwork

Is this? Could it really be?

Wishful thinking surrounding the return to city-building has been popping up around the place for years now, but adding weight to this rumour is the fact that EA (who owns Maxis) is set to present a sponsored session at GDC titled simply “Inside the GlassBox“.

The presentation, set for Wednesday morning in San Francisco, obviously does not mention the SimCity franchise by name. It does, however, refer to “the next-generation technology that is built from the ground up to power the next entry in one of [EA’s] most beloved franchises”.

Still not convinced? There are three men giving the presentation: Ocean Quigley (Creative Director at Maxis), Andrew Willmott (Lead Engineer at Maxis), and Dan Moskowitz (Senior Software Engineer at Maxis). That’s indicative of something, right?

Alleged SimCity 5 artwork

Fingers crossed!

Then there’s the alleged “SimCity 5 screenshots”, concept art and other assets that have popped up around the place.

SimCity 5 would be the first proper release from the franchise since SimCity 4 hit our shelves in 2003. For nearly a decade, we’ve made do with mobile versions, handheld interpretations and spin-off titles (and, of course, The Sims), so it’ll be wonderful if this classic franchise finally makes its way back home.

Sourced from a number of places, thanks to Den of Geek for the initial heads-up!

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