Australian censors consider Minecraft safe for kids

Congratulations, gamers – just in case you thought Minecraft would be swept up in all of this R18+ drama, the local Classification Board has come through with the goods.

Mojang‘s blocky creation has ceremoniously been awarded a PG rating, citing “Mild violence” and observing that the gaming experience may change online.


Minecraft - parental guidance recommended in Australia

Technically, despite the rating mentioning a “multi platform” release, the mention of 4J Studios as a developer hints that the Board were invited to take a look at the upcoming Xbox 360 version of the game.

It does, however, suggest that Minecraft will still feature online multiplayer, even after making the jump to console.

It also suggests that the game will be out in the not-too-distant future – the last we heard, Mojang and 4J were aiming for “Spring 2012“, which is technically any time after Thursday.

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