Cyberpunk MMO Otherland returns from purgatory

Nearly four years ago, dtp entertainment announced that it was working on an MMO adaptation of Tad Williams’ best-selling sci-fi novels, Otherland. At the time – back in 2008 – we were promised the game in 2010, a date which came and went without the game surfacing.

Two years after that, we’re finally hearing bits and pieces from dtp, and seeing them, too. Today we have a shiny new gameplay trailer from Otherland, showing off a game that shone, ahead of its time in 2008.

Markus Windelen, COO of dtp entertainment explains:

Otherland is the largest game production in the history of our company. We see enormous potential in the untapped Otherland licence, which the experienced RealU team and mastermind Andrew Carter will implement in a unique game experience.

That “mastermind” is the CEO of the company, who leads a team made up of international developers hailing from Melbourne House, EA and THQ among other studios.

The free-to-play game itself is an intriguing one: A unique narrative structure sees players able to experience their own stories within the universe, stumbling upon and meeting with familiar characters from the books. As the game progresses, the game world changes – all remaining within the vision of author Tad Williams, who had a high level of input into the game as Carter explains:

Tad Williams visited us during the conception phase and was very actively involved in the realisation of this project from the beginning. Because this is a MMOG, a linear storyline would not be feasible. Therefore, we had to find an alternative way of telling a story. I think we have found a terrific combination of innovative narration and faithfulness to the books.

If you’ve been waiting long enough and want to get in on the Otherland action, you can go sign up for beta testing at the game’s official website (currently down), with testing expected to start in “early 2012”. Given dtp‘s grasp of the passage of time, you may still be waiting for a while yet.

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