Jet Set Radio HD: Don't call it a comeback

Don’t touch that dial, Jet Set Radio is back on the air. The iconic “skate-em-up” that we last saw tearing around on the Dreamcast way back in 2000 is set to return on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC a little later this year.

DJ Professor K, Beat, Gum and the GGs have received an HD makeover in the new downloadable title, as gamers return with paint-stained fingers, marking their turf across futuristic Tokyo-to by tagging up walls, billboards and even members of rival gangs.

[img_big]center,8959,2012-02-28/26200JSR-0001-v1.png,Jet Set Radio[/img_big]

Fight for the right to self-expression on magnetically-driven inline skates, take on the urban environment and explore. In Jet Set Radio, Beat – and his growing collection of fellow artists – take control of the city back from the local gangs, one tag at a time.

Of course, there’s a slightly more sinister plot at play, hatched by the powers that be in Tokyo-to, but that all comes later.

Haruki Satomi, Senior Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America explains:

Every time we look at our favourite SEGA classics, the fans never fail to ask about Jet Set Radio.

The game was unlike anything else when it first came out, and was one of the first games in history to use cel-shading. More importantly, Jet Set Radio is a game that celebrates self-expression, and we’re looking forward to seeing how gamers come together to leave their mark on Tokyo-to.

[img_big]center,8959,2012-02-28/26201JSR-0003-v1.png,Jet Set Radio[/img_big]

…and before you ask: Not only is the JSR gameplay just as good as you remember, but the pioneering art style’s back, and the genre-blending soundtrack’s better than ever (hallelujah Professor K!).

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