Sine Mora: From dieselpunk dust to dust

Sine Mora is perhaps best known as being the next project on the way from Grasshopper Manufacture, but the dieselpunk shoot ’em up has got plenty more going for it.

It’s actually a joint project between GhM and Hungarian developer Digital Reality, and while it’s packed with challenges over a number of degrees, both developers thnk you’re going to find “plenty” of ways to be obliterated.

Don’t believe them? Here’s the latest trailer:

It’s been designed to appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers alike, and with its blend of classic shooter elements, next-gen presentation and that classy dieselpunk feel, Sine Mora is something a little bit special – a unique take on the genre, and time is of the essence.

There are more than 60 combinations of planes, characters and creative time manipulation devices in the game, and each beautifully-crafted stage features scaling difficulty so you’re constantly challenged.

Oh, and then there’s the music, from Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, in case you neede another reason to check this one out.

Sine Mora is headed exclusively to Xbox 360, and will appear in the Xbox LIVE Arcade from March 21st – you can expect it to set you back 1,200 Microsoft Points.

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