Sony pulls broken Vita Facebook app

When the PlayStation Vita launched last week, social gamers around the world had their prayers answered, as the new handheld contained networking capabilities built right into the system. Want to gloat about your Uncharted progress? Tap a few buttons and you’re in Facebook, sharing your experiences.

At least, that was the intention. Just a week after the handheld’s Western debut, Sony has pulled the Facebook app from the PlayStation Store, citing one small problem. Gamers were unable to log in to their accounts, which made the whole thing kind of pointless.

Facebook on PlayStation Vita

This is what it looks like when it's working...

Sony claims the problem is in Facebook‘s court, as the authorisation process has changed recently, but other parties are pointing the finger back at the hardware manufacturer, and its closed-system approach to Vita applications.

At this stage, all Vita Apps are developed by Sony itself, which means that any changes – like the recent Facebook update – have to jump through a series of hoops before being approved. In some cases, this obviously doesn’t happen in a timely manner.

Conversely, Apple and Google have thrown open development for iOS and Android devices, meaning that Facebook has been able to develop its own application for those systems – and any changes can be rolled out to mobile at the same time as the primary website.

Right now, the Vita Facebook app is (presumably) being fixed up, and is expected to return to the PlayStation Store soon. It is not known whether or not Sony will learn from this experience.

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