Daft Punk: Lumines was nearly a real thing

Those of you who are fond of the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy take note – the record came at the expense of a potential Daft Punk / Lumines mash-up.

The revelation came in a recent 8-4 Play Podcast, where James Mielke, producer for Q Entertainment chatted about the company’s latest project: Lumines: Electronic Symphony, released last week for Vita.

[img_big]center,8836,2012-02-01/LSE-6758685027.jpg,Lumines: Electronic Symphony[/img_big]

Mielke explains that – when it came time to deliver an all-new Lumines experience, the development team spent a lot of time considering tying the game to a recognisable property.

Originally, when I first thought about rebooting Lumines I was like, well maybe it would be interesting to attach it to a big license in particular.

Because then it would seem very different and at the same time, depending on the license, it would seem very much like Lumines. So, I originally pitched this game as Daft Punk: Lumines.

To make this news even more bittersweet, the electronic French duo was reportedly keen on the idea, and Ubisoft was definitely interested, but – alas – it was not to be. The timing of the project didn’t fit in with the DJ’s busy schedule, clashing almost totally with the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Apparently we can have one or the other, and the film score won out this time.

There’s been no statement on whether or not the concept has been scrapped completely – who knows, the groups may find room on their calendars to team up sometime in the future.

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