9 Interview: Bruce + Nic, Nnooo

Earlier this week, we confirmed that Aussie developer Nnooo is just one of four in the country to gain Sony approval to design games for Vita. We also confirmed that the four-man team is the only independently-published Australian company given the honour.

If you wanted to know a little more about how the developers got to this point, here’s your chance. We caught up with Nic and Bruce from Nnooo late last year at GCAP, and chatted all about the company’s three major games: Pop, Spirit Hunters, Inc and – of course – escapeVektor. At the time, the company had only just started chatting to Sony about the development deal, instead seeming to pin their hopes on the 3DS version of escapeVektor which was also announced this week. How times change!

That said, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This is the second time we’ve chatted with Nnooo – we stuck Nic in front of a camera at GCAP last year, where we chatted primarily about Spirit Hunters, Inc, which – at the time – was “nearly ready”. Fingers crossed we won’t be asking him the same questions in October 2012!

Nnooo would also like to thank New South Wales Trade and Investment, who is helpfully assisting the games’ development. We’d like to thank them, too – it’s always great to see the government getting in and helping out our local games industry!

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