Gotham City Impostors patching process laid bare

Monolith is taking a controversial approach to DLC and other updates, when it comes to Gotham City Impostors. Rather than hiding everything away until it comes time to download a new patch, the developers are aiming to keep everybody “in the loop”, with a new forum thread designed to feature the latest happenings behind the scenes.

The most recent update shows that the team is working on tweaks for all three platforms, with “Patch 1.1” already approved for Xbox 360. What is Patch 1.1? It’s this:

  • Added 25th Floor map
  • Added The Falcon Blade and Kingmaker weapons
  • Added the Nimble Fingers Fun Fact
  • Added the Toxic Gas Support Item
  • Added many new costume choices
  • Improved matchmaking (Join-in-progress functionality, dedicated server improvements, lag improvements, stability improvements)
  • Hit-detection improvements

The PS3 and PC version of the patches are currently in submission, expected to be released real soon now. Meanwhile, PS3 gamers are also in-line for Patch 1.05, which fixes the pesky stat wipe and trial mode revert issues still plaguing that console.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one ourselves, but if you’d like to keep your finger on the pulse, head to the Gotham City Impostors forum, and take a look at what Monolith Community Writer Andy Salisbury has been up to.

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