Fruit Ninja signs serious merchandising deals

You can expect to see plenty more Fruit Ninja in the future, thanks to a bunch of new deals struck up by Aussie developer Halfbrick. “Leading consumer products companies” have all jumped onto the citrus-slashin’ bandwagon, meaning the best-selling iPhone game is set to inspire electronics, clothes, plush toys and even – wait for it – fruit snacks.

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Fruit Ninja was originally launched for iOS, and quickly became a must-have App (more than 130 million downloads at last count). A Kinect version soon followed, as gamers around the world discovered how much fun it was to smash and splatter fruit, without having to worry about sticky fingers or lengthy cleanup.

Shainiel Deo, CEO of Halfbrick explains:

Fruit Ninja continues to be one of the most popular apps in the world, with a nearly 2-year run on the Top 10 Paid App lists worldwide. Working with partners to create Fruit Ninja products has always been part of our long-term plan, but we have been very selective, both in choosing our partners and in approving their products. The end result is a strong coordinated product line-up that will start hitting shelves this week and later this and next year.

For the first time, we’re creating characters and personalities around the fruit that players slice through. I’m confident that the Fruit Ninja community will love these products.

New partners for Halfbrick include Mattel, Jazwares, Basic Fun and Nanco-Nancy – and the list of upcoming products is both lengthy and impressive, split into three major parts.

When it comes to toys, you can expect to see plush, novelties, figures and electronics as well as “handheld electronic devices” and key chain toys. There’s also discussions surrounding card and board games, for those who prefer things a little more analogue.

Clothing-wise, you’ll soon be able to pick up Fruit Ninja headware, bags and accessories, general clothes and an assortment of sleepwear and loungewear. Nothing’s been said yet about a target audience, but we’re hoping the underwear comes in grown-up sizes, rather than just for kids.

In addition to both of these, there’s an assortment of “miscellaneous” products on the list from Halfbrick – phone cases, calendars, stickers, posters, and – from Healthy Food Brands – “fruit snacks and gummies”. (Hopefully they don’t come pre-sliced, that’d take all the fun out of it!)

[img_big]center,2380,2010-11-18/fn_screen_02.jpg,Fruit Ninja[/img_big]

All this new stuff doesn’t have a firm date attached as yet, so if you want to see what all the fuss is about, there’s still time! Head to the App Store, where you can pick up Fruit Ninja for your iPhone for $0.99, or iPad for $2.99. Prefer Android? It’s in the marketplace there too – as well as as a downloadable, Kinect-enabled game for Xbox 360. No excuse.

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