Blizzard worries fans are too excited for Diablo III

Blizzard is taking its time with Diablo III, making sure that the game is super-polished and shiny before it is unleashed into the public eye. Of course, the delays and drawn-out development period is causing some gamers a little concern: Can it possibly live up to the amassed hype?

Diablo III


Turns out: The worry-warts are not alone, with Blizzard community manager Micah “Bashiok” Whipple confessing to the forums that he too isn’t sure the game can meet the expectations people have built up – and he’s partially got himself to blame.

Part of my job is managing people’s expectations, so… eh… stop it. Stop thinking about how awesome this game could be.

Whipple then goes on to compare the game to – of all things – “a new M. Night Shyamalan movie”.

Sure Sixth Sense was amazing and Unbreakable had it’s moments, but this right here is the sequel to The Village … or The Happening … or Signs … or any of the movies besides the two I first mentioned. So just like, lower those expectations, but still definitely buy the game please, and everything will be just fine. K?

It’s an unusual comparison, and one which has done little to diffuse the clouds of negativity currently forming around Diablo III. When a developer starts warning gamers that they’ll be disappointed in an upcoming release, we’re on unfamiliar ground.

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