FemShep alternate Mass Effect 3 cover revealed

EA and BioWare are going above and beyond when it comes to fanservice for the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3 – and gamers around the world are lapping it up.

Todays’ offering: An unboxing video. These typically are the realm of gaming media, who like to receive early copies of games or special editions, before ceremoniously showing off all the goodies contained therein. This time around, it’s BioWare Edmonton‘s Marketing Director David Silverman doing the deed – and we couldn’t help but notice what lovely, manicured fingernails he has.

…of course, there were some other things we couldn’t help but notice either. The twin discs, one-time-use Online Pass for co-op multiplayer and the two-day Xbox Live Gold trial.

All of that pales in comparison to the big reveal: Mass Effect 3 for all platforms will feature a reversible cover featuring the “standard” male Commander Shepard on one side, and redheaded superhero FemShep on the other. That’s right folks, she’s no longer relegated to the Collector’s Edition only – if you’re a FemShep fan, she can take pride of place in your gaming library starting March 6th.

The reversible FemShep cover for Mass Effect 3

The reversible FemShep cover for Mass Effect 3

In other news, there’s one big thing missing: A manual. We’re living in the future now, folks.

Mass Effect 3 is hitting shelves for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 starting March 6th, stay tuned for our interview with Associate Producer Robyn Theberge.

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