PC Alan Wake breaks even after 48 hours

Remedy Entertainment is very pleased to announce that the PC version of Alan Wake has done very well for itself since launching on Steam just a few days ago. How well, you ask? Well enough that the game has recouped its complete development and marketing budget in just 48 hours.

This is all the more impressive as the game has been out on Xbox 360 for years, meaning that – surely – everybody who wanted to play it had already. Apparently though, things weren’t that straightforward.

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Aki Järvilehto, Executive Vice President at Remedy posted the good news to the game’s forums:

I wanted to chime in here. We are very happy with the sales and hitting #1 on Steam at launch was nothing short of amazing. We recouped our development and marketing expenses during the first 48 hours. And yes, we’re certainly very excited about PC.

It took eight people nearly five months to get the port of the game ready for retail – obviously less than starting a game from scratch, but still not something to scoff at. Plus, the work is still ongoing, with developers continuing to make sure everything “feels right in the PC environment”.

Oskari Häkkinen is head of franchise deelopment at Remedy. He explains the plans for the future:

We are closely monitoring, following and are in dialogue in our forums as well as the Steam forums to see any problems people might be having. Whilst the reception has been wonderful and there are no known major issues, we are already responding to some wanted requests and working on our first title update.

This is the second announcement in as many weeks about video games enjoying success at retail. Earlier, we heard about indie darling Dear Esther breaking even after just six hours on Steam. Sure, it took Alan Wake a little longer, but Remedy is a little bigger than thechineseroom, so this is still no mean feat.

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