3DS first to 5million in Japanese hardware sales

It took 52 weeks for the Nintendo 3DS to sell more than five million copies in Japan – setting a new record for Japanese hardware sales.

In comparison, the original DS took 56 weeks to reach the same milestone, and the Game Boy Advance, back in the day, took 58.

According to a Nintendo graph provided to Media Create (and translated by Andriasang) the 3DS saw a rapid increase in sales over Christmas, despite lagging behind the other hardware – including the Wii – up until that point.

Graph comparingJapanese 3DS, DS, GBA and Wii console sales

Graph comparingJapanese 3DS, DS, GBA and Wii console sales

The graph also shows that the GBA would have been a best-seller, had it not hit a serious plateau at around the 40-week mark following a steep increase. The DS, on the other hand, started strong and petered out within two weeks.

Avoiding any debates over “units moved” versus “units sold”, the data reports actual sell-through figures, showing sales from retailers to customers.

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