Ex-Bioware designers prepare The Banner Saga

As we’re well-and-truly aware by now, Star Wars: The Old Republic is on shelves nearly everywhere around the world (not long now!), and the development team has wound back, working on upgrades and patches rather than huge chunks of gaming content.

The Banner Saga


Part of the team won’t be involved in those updates though – three of The Old Republic‘s lead developers: Arnie Jorgensen, Alex Thomas and John Watson, have decided they’ve had enough of a galaxy far, far away. The trio have now left BioWare and formed their own company: Stoic – now working on an all-new game: The Banner Saga.

It’s “role-playing meets turn-based strategy”, according to the devs. who then wrapped it all up in an adventure mini-series. Bucking the zombie trend, this one’s about vikings!

The game itself is adopting an unusual business model – being released in two parts. You’ll be able to get the game’s turn-based combat as a free, standalone release in the coming months, while the full story and exploration-based elements are coming around six months later, with an undisclosed price tag attached.

It’s been designed for “mature” gamers – not necessarily due to its content, but the level of art, story and strategy incorporated in the title.

John Watson explains:

It will include BioWare-style dialog, exploration of gorgeously painted landscapes, and turn-based strategic combat. The story is compelling and epic, and your choices will dramatically affect the outcome of the story.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

It sounds like a cliche, but we’re making the kind of games we’d like to play. We appreciate good art, thoughtful design and engaging story and think there are plenty gamers out there who agree.

Stoic has officially set up a new studio in Texas, as well as a shiny new website – setting out on the right foot, and with a pedigree like this, we’re expecting big things from The Banner Saga.

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