Ninja Gaiden 3 features Japanese, English audio

Gamers who prefer their digital entertainment fresh from Japan will often loudly discuss the merits and downfalls of “subs vs dubs” – that is, English subtitles with Japanese audio, compared to completely re-recorded English dialogue.

Bearing this in mind, a small but noisy niche market was growing increasingly concerned as Team Ninja insisted on showing off Ninja Gaiden 3 featuring entirely English-language voice work.

[img_big]center,7594,2011-12-15/NG3_Campaign_NAE.jpg,Ninja Gaiden 3[/img_big]

…lucky for them, the developers have confirmed via Twitter that the finished version of the game will include both Japanese and English voice tracks as well as a subtitle option.

This continues a trend set by other Team Ninja releases, meaning gamers can breathe a sign of relief and get back to waiting for Ninja Gaiden 3 to launch for PS3 in late March.

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