Listen! Silent Hill: Downpour soundtrack sample

The first taste of the soundtrack for Silent Hill: Downpour has been released, and cautious fans are experiencing their first taste of the game since Akira Yamaoka left the franchise.

Now available on Soundcloud, the “Downpour Intro” sets a suitably atmospheric tone for the rest of the game (did we expect anything less?) – but how does it compare with Yamaoka’s classic creations?

Guitar + piano, followed by some haunting ambience – you could almost be forgiven for not thinking this is anything special, right up until the percussion kicks in around the 3 minute mark.

New composer Daniel Licht is best known for his work on the soundtrack for the Showtime Original Series Dexter, and it sounds like he’s brought some of those influences over with him to Silent Hill, minus the Florida heat, swamps and Cuban sandwiches. It’s a promising start to the new game, but we – like many fans – are withholding judgement until we hear some more.

The soundtrack album for Silent Hill: Downpour is set to arrive alongside the game, in mid-March.

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