Mass Effect 3 DLC will cost you an arm and a leg

Recently, we learned that BioWare was tucking extra Mass Effect 3 content into just about everything it could get its paws on – including, but not limited to, action figures.

Turns out, there’s rather a lot of downloadable content for the game which is only available through very select methods – pre-order bonuses, books, figurines, peripherals, even a messenger bag. None of it, apparently, can be acquired through any other means, which suggests that – to enjoy the game to its entirety, you’ll have to pick up all the extras as well.

Mass Effect 3 Action Figures: Pack 1

Mass Effect 3 Action Figures: Pack 1

…so how much will that all cost? Chris at Destructoid did all the maths for us: A whopping US$870, give or take. Chris has also prepared a detailed list including all of the pre-orders, N7 bonuses and Kingdoms of Amalur tie-ins, plus all of the (known) “Auxiliary purchases” offering added extras.

Chris also confesses the number isn’t completely accurate – no price has been given yet for iOS release Mass Effect Infiltrator, which will nudge the total figure up a bit.

Believe it or not, though: Despite the large sums, Mass Effect 3 is by no means the title with the most expensive DLC. It’s not even close to the title with the most expensive DLC. That honour, my friends, goes to Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012, which features $1679 worth of optional extras that you can buy separately (and most if not all of that is simple, traditional DLC – no hoodies or messenger bags or figurines as bonuses). Looks like EA and BioWare still has a little way to go.

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