Is this a sneak peek at David Jaffe's next project?

David Jaffe’s latest may have only just arrived on shelves in North America (Twisted Metal is heading to the rest of the world next month), but he’s already started planning his next big project. We all knew he was splitting from Eat Sleep Play, but we didn’t know anything about what he would be working on, or who he would be working with.

Today though, we have a new hint! In preparation for his as-yet-undetailed new project, Jaffe painstakingly cleared off his whiteboard and let his new dev team have at it. The evidence speaks for itself.

David Jaffe's next project

We believe one of the artists is known as Kate.

Jaffe has tried to cover up this obvious and potentially devastating leak, claiming that the design – including a huge castle, Medusa, snakes, a skeleton and even a princess – was created by his children, after he turned his back for five minutes after clearing off the board. We’re not so sure. Keep an eye out for Jaffe’s next game, featuring servants and spiders and a little dog, too!

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