Lego Minecraft ready for pre-order

Your favourite virtual blocks really are about to become your favourite real-world blocks, as the first Lego Minecraft sets are made available for pre-order.

Steve and Creeper Micro-Mobs

Steve and Creeper Micro-Mobs

The toys were first hinted at late last year, confirmed in January and now, according to a joint announcement between Lego and Mojang, are nearly here.

Originally floated as an idea on Lego crowd-sourcing site Lego Cuusoo, the Minecraft tie-in quickly gained more than 10,000 votes and some serious attention from the powers that be at Lego.

The initial set of blocks (implying that there may be more in future) is named Lego Minecraft Micro World, and includes two of the most iconic Minecraft characters as “Micro Mobs” – you’ll receive both Steve and a teeny-tiny Creeper.

The kit itself is quite detailed and offers gamers the ability to build their own Minecraft world just like they can in-game. Mines and hidden resources are hidden below a removable surface, and – just like the game – fans are able to stack cubes on top of each other and generally build and modify the world just the way they like it.

[img_three]8913,2012-02-16/LEGO-Minecraft_01.png,2012-02-16/LEGO-Minecraft_biomes.png,2012-02-16/LEGO-Minecraft_04.png,Lego Minecraft Micro World
(Click to enlarge)[/img_three]

Want your own blocks? Head to Jinx and get pre-orderin’. The Lego Minecraft Micro World is priced at £34.99, and will arrive some time in the American summer.

By the way, you can thank four rabid Lego / Minecraft fans – Bjarne Panduro Tveskov, Kyle Tingey, Michael Thomas and Chris Malloy – who helped develop the concept and shape the final product. Notch and the fellas at Mojang probably should also get some love too, but we already knew that, right?

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