EA almost sends Mass Effect 3 into space

Electronic Arts and BioWare are taking marketing for Mass Effect 3 to new heights – literally. The team are strapping copies of the game to weather balloons and then launching them into the stratosphere, one week before the game’s official release.

Mass Effect 3 attached to a weather balloon

Mass Effect 3 - in spaaace!

Balloons will be launched in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, each one coupled with a GPS tracking device. Once launched, gamers can follow the balloon’s progress (and inevitable return to earth) via the official Mass Effect website. Then it’s a simple matter of heading to the landing site, picking up the game and taking it home to play a week before anybody else.

Hopefully the games float gently back down through the sky and land somewhere nice and soft – we’re not sure quite how well a video game case would survive a fall from a great height (…and hopefully nobody’s standing underneath!).

This isn’t the first time that a gaming promotion has involved inflatable objects: Last GDC saw THQ releasing thousands of red balloons into the air above San Francisco. Unfortunately, many of the balloons landed in the middle of San Francisco bay, costing organisers a pretty penny in clean-up bills.

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