Valve to include LAN support in Dota 2

In a world where it seems to be growing less and less popular, Valve has confirmed that upcoming release Dota 2 will include LAN support, meaning local-area-network multiplayer matches are go!

[img_big]center,1756,2011-08-14/DotA-2-5-v-5.jpg,Dota 2[/img_big]

Project boss Erik Johnson explains to fan site JoinDota that the functionality isn’t quite done at this stage, but it’s still a major priority:

We know how important this feature is for the community.

LAN support will make the game even more appealing to the Chinese market, which Johnson claimed is “the largest Dota audience in the world”.

We want to make sure that they, like everyone else, are there as Dota moves forward. There are some challenges that are unique to China, but we are actively working on them.

One thing Johnson didn’t chat too openly about was a releaes date for the game, however he did confirm that Valve would really like to hold the worldwide Dota 2 competition known as The International in Seattle this year, around Labor Day weekend – August 31-September 2.

This dovetails nicely with earlier comments Johnson has made, which refers to the Valve goal of “everyone being able to view the [International] matches live inside the game”. The only way to do that, of course, is if Dota 2 has been released mto the public, so – fingers crossed!

…of course, by then the game may no longer be called Dota, but still. Expect Valve‘s multiplayer action/RPG sometime in the not-so-distant future, okay?

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