Notch: What's going on with Psychonauts 2

Minecraft developer Notch has taken a few moments to voice his “fears” over the hype surrounding Psychonauts 2 which emerged last week.

In a blog post, he explains that the original tweet was “semi-joking” – as a “big fan” of the first game, he thought that the second could “probably be profitable”.

And then the internet exploded.


Pensive Psychonauts

Notch has even, very considerately, added a dot-point list about “what’s happening now,” from his perspective:

  • Tim [Schafer] and I haven’t spoken much at all other than a couple of emails.
  • We mentioned meeting at GDC, I hope that will happen
  • I assume Double Fine will be very busy for many months with the kickstarter project
  • The budget for doing a Psychonauts 2 is three times higher than my initial impression
  • A couple of other parties have mentioned also being interested in investing in it
  • I would not be investing in this as a charity. It would be because I think the game would be profitable
  • And naturally, I wouldn’t want to have any creative input in the game. It would be purely a high risk investment in a project I believe in.

I have NO idea if this is actually going to happen. The kickstarter stuff obviously changes the playing field a lot. Investing that incredibly high amount of money also requires a lot of planing and discussion, and I’ve never done anything like that before, but I do have contacts and advisors to help me out.

Notch goes on to explain that there are a number of potentially project-ending “IF”s surrounding development of Psychonauts 2, but that he is “most interested” in working on the project. Among other things, the numbers have to work out, and all parties must still want to do it (particularly Double Fine). Notch also raises the concept that Double Fine could decide to self-fund a sequel “by doing more crowd funding” – something he says he would have done in their shoes.

Point is, stop hyping over this, internet! You’re going to scare me into doing things secretly instead of being open and transparent via twitter. I am incredibly scared of the very real risk of people feeling let down just because I took a chance at something that doesn’t end up panning out.

Also, I realize you won’t stop hyping, so I’ll just go into hiding for a few years if it falls through.

If you were curious: The crowd-funded Double Fine Adventure project has been backed by more than 50,000 interested gamers, and just crossed the $1.8 million mark (far surpassing the humble $400,000 original goal).

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