Twisted Metal live-action movie in the works

Twisted Metal is in line for a big-screen, live-action adaptation, if Sony Pictures has its way. The company has just made Brian Taylor a pre-emptive 7-figure deal to write and direct, fresh from his co-directing success on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

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Avi and Ari Arad are picking up production duties on the film as well (just as they did on Ghost Rider), hoping to continue the success of Avi’s Sony-published Spider-Man films.

The timing is undeniably, inevitably perfect: Twisted Metal hit shelves across North America on February 14th, while Spirit of Vengeance arrives in cinemas this weekend, starring Nicolas Cage.

Story’s not been written yet, but it’s anticipated that the film will involve an underground event where combatants fight to the death. With armored, weaponised cars, covered in heavy weapons (of course!). Expect plenty of machine guns, missiles, mines and electrical charges to add a little spark to the relationship – and the sole survivor will have their fondest wish granted, no questions asked.

Calypso will feature heavily as the proprietor of the race, which has been organised (among other things) to examine the human condition. Expect both Sweet Tooth and Doll Face to make appearances as well, complete with their signature vehicles (psst: Wanna blow up an ice cream truck?).

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Taylor himself is best known as one half of Neveldine/Taylor, creators of the Crank series. At this stage, it looks like co-conspirator Mark Neveldine will not be joining him for Twisted Metal, making it the first project Taylor has tackled solo. (Never fear, the pair has confirmed to Deadline that they are still talking about a third Crank, and will definitely continue working together in future.)

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