New Medal of Honor, WWE, God of War revealed

Dear video game developer-types, please be careful when you are updating your online, publicly-accessible work history. Remember that there are people in this industry who spend countless hours scouring the internet to find out bits and pieces of information, just like the tidbits you accidentally left in plain sight.

"MOH1" - a new Medal of Honor?

Medal of Honor tease

With that said, thank you, David Thornfield! Through your prematurely-updated CV, the gaming world at large now has a little more proof that not only is a new WWE game in development (WWE ’13 for those playing at home, a predictable sequel to last year’s WWE ’12 from THQ), but that oft-rumoured Medal of Honor title is also in the works.

The animator’s Experience list also featured something else we already knew about but will deny if questioned: God of War 4, proudly featured before being edited to read simply “Unannounced Game Title” x3.

Thornfield has worked on a number of titles over his five year history in the industry, from Saboteur to Turok and Ghostbusters to ModNation Racers and Call of Duty: Black Ops. We’re guessing he’s potentially in a spot of bother with his employer right about now.

But! What do these revelations really mean? Nothing much, really.

WWE ’13 is somewhat obvious, but the concept has concerned gamers who were disappointed with the lack of story and polish in the most recent release.

Medal of Honor had been hinted at and teased at a number of points over the past few months, so it’s also not really a surprise.

[img_big]center,2535,2010-11-18/E3_002.jpg,God of War III[/img_big]

God of War 4 has popped up in the news a few times already this year, with assorted other staffers slipping up when updating online CVs (you’d think they’d learn). It’s been two years since we last hung out with Kratos in God of War III, so the timing feels about right. It’s also gotten to the point where release date rumours are bubbling below the surface, with retailers commenting cryptically that the game is coming “soon”, and other sources citing a September 2012 / March 2013 release.

Interestingly though, God of War icon David Jaffe has been wrapped up with Twisted Metal for the past two years – we’re guessing he’s not involved with this one.

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