Canadian University offers study for game studios

Plenty of schools teach how to create great games, but now a Canadian university is teaching students how to create great game studios, throwing elements of accounting, legal issues and staff management into the mix.

We’re not sure which came first, the acronym or the course, but the brilliantly-titled EDGE course is now available at the Chang School for Continuing Education, at Toronto’s Ryerson University.

Toronto's Ryerson University

Toronto's Ryerson University

The course offers Education for Digital and Games Entrepreneurs (told you it was brilliant!), and has been created in conjunction with Interactive Ontario, who discovered a niche market. Many first-time game developers simply do not have the skills required to run a company, despite having fantastic ideas for the company’s products.

Now, this six-workshop course focusses on Entrepreneurial Finance, Human Resources Management, Intellectual Property, Principles of Marketing, Project Management and Leadership and Entrepreneurial Behavious – each one with an “Interactive Gaming” flavour.

Whether you’re a new game developer who’s looking to successfully launch your own new gaming project, or whether you’re already an executive professional in the industry who’s looking for a way to advance your skills, this could be the course for you.

Sure, it’s only offered in Toronto, and sure, that’s a long way from things that aren’t in Canada. But it’s a promising start – and it’s been carefully placed in an area experiencing a massive growth in indie start-up developers. Hopefully, if Ryerson University and the Chang School play their cards right, EDGE could spread to other educational institutions around the globe. Would you sign up?

Image of Ryerson University CC Carsten Ke├čler

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