Get in early on Mass Effect 3 demo, via Facebook

As a way of softening the blow of another Monday morning, BioWare and the UK Xbox 360 team have joined forces with Facebook to offer gamers a sneaky way of checking out the Mass Effect 3 demo a few days early.

All you need to do is log onto the social network and play a little game.

Mass Effect 3 demo promotion on Facebook

Mass Effect 3 demo promotion on Facebook

It’s a simple premise: Decode a sequence by clicking on a series of four icons. Fail, and you’ll be locked out of the game for a couple of hours. If you succeed, however, you’ll scoop an Xbox 360 code redeemable for the demo or an Avatar item.

At this stage (as you may have guessed from the URL), the promotion is for Xbox 360 only, with no sign of a PS3 or PC equivalent. If you’d rather check it out on your Sony console or home computer, you don’t have long to wait – the full, playable Mass Effect 3 demo is due to hit all three major platforms on February 14th.

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